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Sports Betting Odds: Putting You First

Comparing betting odds can be complicated. With so many sportsbooks and bonus offers, it can be hard to find the best lines.

Here at OddsIndex, we are proud to provide sports betting players with the right tools and information to level the playing field. Our Betting Odds tool is no exception - accurate, comprehensive, and completely free.

We're bettors ourselves and we're tired of overcomplicated tools which take forever to use - accessing the best betting odds shouldn't take you away from courtside action. Our tool cuts through the fluff. It gives you the best odds on your favorite games when it matters.

Our tool will show you sports betting odds from 15 of the top regulated US sportsbooks and will update the odds every 5 minutes to ensure you're getting the latest odds.

We automatically give you the kick-off time in your own time zone, so you don't need to bother converting from one time to another. And, we'll only show you prices from sportsbooks available in your state, so there's no need to check if any of the sportsbooks are available in your location.

How to Use the OddsIndex Betting Odds Comparison Tool

The odds grid displays the latest fixtures for all the biggest sporting events: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, and EPL, so you never miss a beat.

We know other tools out there may only show a select few fixtures. As sports fans, we know how frustrating this can be, so we show all the games on any game day. Fixtures are sorted by start time and include a countdown to the event if you're here to shop for the best odds ahead of the game.

The league menu allows you to navigate different leagues. In contrast, the betting market sub-menu enables you to browse the main betting options and compare betting odds. Navigation is pretty straightforward. You can navigate between the different leagues/sports from the main menu (the bar with all the leagues).

Navigating between the betting markets is also easy. You can select spread, moneyline, or totals from the sub-menu (under the leagues' bar).

We've added additional spread and totals functionality, allowing you to quickly browse through the alternate lines for those bets on any given game. You can use the arrow selector (</>) for each market and see the lines reflecting the new values.

For ease, the best sports betting odds are highlighted in green so you won't miss them. They are linked to the betting event on the sportsbook site/app, so you don't have to search for it twice. Click and bet, it really couldn't be simpler!

How to Read Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds are set by a sportsbook based on how likely they think an outcome is. For the US and our tool, these will be shown as a number with either a + or a - in front, which is the format of a ‘moneyline’ odd.

Where there is a - ahead of the number, sportsbooks are backing this outcome as the favorite since they have a greater chance of coming in. Whilst this sounds great, the return bettors will see is smaller. A good rule of thumb here is that the figure shown is how much you need to bet in order to win $100.

If the latest lines have a + before the number, this event can be classed as the underdog. If you fancy going against the odds, you’ll see a greater return if this event does happen. The + figure shows how much you stand to profit on a $100 wager if the bet comes through.

For more information, be sure to check out our full guide on betting odds.

Spread Betting - Points Spread and How Does it Work?

Spread betting is the most popular in sports like basketball and football. In this case, you aren't just backing a team to win. You're going a step further by predicting what the winning margin will be. As not all teams are equal, the point spread levels the playing field between them.

Odds on these bets are slightly harder to read because the + and - symbols are used to show the point spreads you're betting on and the odds of the bet.

We can see how it works by going back to the Saints vs Jets game for some more numbers.

The New Orleans Saints at -5.5 have odds of -115. The first number is the points spread that I'm betting on, and the second number is the odds for that bet. That means a $100 bet gives me a total return of $187 if the Saints win by a margin of 6 or more.

The New York Jets at +1.5 have odds of +163. Betting $100 and getting it right here gives me back $263 if the Jets lose by 1 or they win.

Moneyline - Choosing a Winner and How Does it Work?

Betting on the moneyline is the easiest bet you can make as you're simply betting on the game's final result. Moneyline bets are most popular on low-scoring sports such as baseball, ice hockey, or soccer.

The moneyline odds are shown with either a + or – sign before them. The number after a + sign tells you the amount you would win on a $100 bet. So, if you put $100 on at +100, you would get $100 in profit plus your $100 back, giving you a total return of $200.

When it comes to the negative odds, the number tells you how much you would need to wager to make $100. If the odds are -200, you'll need to bet $200, which would give you back your $200 plus a $100 profit.

Totals - Predicting the Scoreline and How Does it Work?

Betting on over/under or totals is wagering that the combined points, runs, or goals scored by both sides in a game will exceed a given number or fall short. The betting site will usually post over/under numbers, and it is up to you to bet on whether the final tally will exceed this or not.


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