Take Your Baseball Betting to The Next Level: NRFI Bets

NRFI (No Runs First Inning) bets, pronounced "ner-fee," are sweeping in popularity, offering bettors nail-biting action straight from the first pitch. Are you afraid of missing out? Here is how you can capitalize on the NRFI bet trend and what are the best teams to back.

What does an NRFI bet mean in Baseball? 

An NRFI stands for 'No Runs in the First Innings.' Bettors are wagering that no runs will be scored in the first inning. So you need 6 consecutive outs for the NRFI bet to land.

When you factor in that a baseball game consists of 9 innings, betting on the outcome of the first one can give bettors a lot of action from the get-go. It also adds an element of instant gratification if the bet does land, and players can use any potential winnings to bet on the rest of the game.

It's no surprise then that bettors are getting in on the action and that NRFI and YRFI bets have become very popular in MLB betting.

So what does a YRFI bet mean in Baseball?

YRFI bets are the opposite of NRFIs, as here you are betting for a run to be scored in the first inning, hence 'Yes Runs First Inning'. 

Pro handicapper Captain Jack Andrews has written a very popular twitter thread on NRFIs, and suggested the value would be on YRFIs. 

He worked it out that the odds of No Runs being scored at the start of a half-inning is 72.6%, and that the odds for No Runs in any given inning would be 52.71% (72.6%*72.6%). But that would be any given inning, not the 1st one.

Captain Jack highlighted that the top of the line-up bats for both teams, which would favor more Runs being scored in the 1st inning than any other inning. He also highlighted that MLB teams have scored in the 1st 29.85% on average. 

To work out the NRFI probability over that period, we would multiply the inverse of that average. So, (1-0.2985)*(1-0.2985) = 49.21% That means you'd need to back the NRFI at better odds than +103 to break even in the long term. The problem is that sportsbooks usually offer the NRFI odds as the favorite rather than the underdog.

Let's round up this section with a graph that favors the YRFI backers and suggests that backing a YRFI is the best play generally.

But Captain Jack himself conceded that the NRFI odds from above only give you the average, and there is far more that goes into working out the NRFI probabilities for any given game. Let's look closely at the most likely MLB teams to feature NRFI outcomes this season.

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NRFI Statistics: Gaining an Advantage

Now that you're all familiar with NRFI bets, let's look at some MLB team stats so you can get ready to place your first NRFI/YRFI bets.

We've broken down each team's record for 2022, looking at the percentage they scored in the first inning but also their opponents' scoring percentage in the first inning. 

Team 1st Inning Scored % 1st Inning Opponent Scored % NRFI Probability YRFI Probability
Miami Marlins 16.67% 26.67% 61.11% 38.89%
Seattle Mariners 22.82% 22.15% 60.08% 39.92%
Cincinnati Reds 22.82% 24.83% 58.02% 41.98%
Philadelphia Phillies 25.68% 22.30% 57.75% 42.25%
Pittsburgh Pirates 17.45% 30.20% 57.62% 42.38%
San Diego Padres 24.16% 24.16% 57.52% 42.48%
Atlanta Braves 26.17% 22.15% 57.48% 42.52%
Baltimore Orioles 20.95% 30.41% 55.01% 44.99%
Tampa Bay Rays 27.52% 24.83% 54.48% 45.52%
Cleveland Guardians 30.20% 22.15% 54.34% 45.66%
Kansas City Royals 26.85% 27.52% 53.02% 46.98%
NY Mets 33.11% 22.52% 51.83% 48.17%
NY Yankees 33.78% 22.97% 51.01% 48.99%
Chicago White Sox 24.83% 32.21% 50.96% 49.04%
Milwaukee Brewers 32.21% 24.83% 50.96% 49.04%
Chicago Cubs 32.89% 24.16% 50.90% 49.10%
Arizona Diamondbacks 26.67% 30.67% 50.84% 49.16%
St. Louis Cardinals 32.00% 26.00% 50.32% 49.68%
LA Angels 28.86% 29.53% 50.13% 49.87%
LA Dodgers 36.24% 21.48% 50.06% 49.94%
Boston Red Sox 27.03% 31.76% 49.79% 50.21%
Detroit Tigers 19.46% 38.26% 49.73% 50.27%
Toronto Blue Jays 31.54% 27.52% 49.62% 50.38%
Houston Astros 36.00% 22.67% 49.49% 50.51%
San Fransico Giants 31.76% 27.70% 49.34% 50.66%
Minnesota Twins 32.21% 28.19% 48.68% 51.32%
Washington Nationals 26.17% 34.23% 48.56% 51.44%
Texas Rangers 28.38% 32.43% 48.39% 51.61%
Colorado Rockies 26.17% 36.24% 47.07% 52.93%
Oakland A’s 26.17% 36.24% 47.07% 52.93%

 Data taken from: TeamRankings (Accurate as of 09/22/22)

This is a great starting point, but you should also check out lineup construction, as those will significantly impact NRFI probabilities.

For instance, deGrom, Burns, and Cole are some of the names to look out for as solid pitchers who can consistently cause trouble for opposing teams favoring NRFI backers. 

Based on our NRFI probabilities, the Miami Marlins are most likely to land your NRFI bet, with a probability of 61.11%. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Oakland A's have an NRFI probability of 47.07%, so placing a YRFI bet on their games might be the better play.

The above statistics are only a fair representation of individual teams involved in an NRFI or a YRFI rather than specific match-ups. 

Where can I place an NRFI Bet? 

Given their growing popularity, most sportsbooks offer NRFIs these days. If you want to sign up with a new sportsbook, check out our rankings, where we've reviewed the biggest US sportsbooks. 

But navigating your way to NRFIs or YRFIs bets can sometimes be tricky, so here is where you can find these bets on each sportsbook.

NRFI Bets at Fanduel

On FanDuel, select any MLB game and click on the 'innings' tab. You'll be able to find the NRFIs/YRFIs under '1st inning Over/Under 0.5 Runs'. The Under bet would be an NRFI here, while the Over bet would be a YRFI.

FanDuel NRFI Bets

1st Innings: Over/Under 0.5 Runs

If you don't have an account with FanDuel, they are currently running several promotions. The current FanDuel sign-up bonus is a standard sweat-free bet of up to $150 no matter the result of an initial 5$ wager - a generous offer for any new player! 

NRFI Bets at Caesars

You'll find the NRFIs/YRFIs bets on any MLB game under 'Popular', which is the main tab. You must scroll down until you find the 'Any Run in 1st Inning' market. 

A Yes bet is a YRFI, and a no bet is a NRFI.

Caesars Sportsbook NRFI Bets

Any Run in 1st Inning: Yes/No

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NRFI Bets at BetRivers

On BetRivers, select any MLB game and scroll until you find 'Inning 1' bets within the 'All' tab. Alternatively, you can also click on the 'Inning 1' tab if you scroll sideways on the MLB game menu.

You'll find the NRFIs and YRFIs under the 'Total Runs - Inning 1' market.

BetRivers NRFI Bets

Total Runs - Inning 1: Over/Under 0.5

The BetRivers sign-up bonus is a $250 deposit match that gives new players up to $250 in bet credits when they make their first deposit. You need to use the code 250MATCH to redeem this when setting up your new account.

NRFI Bets at BetMGM 

On BetMGM, you'll find these bets under every MLB game's 'Innings' tab. The NRFI/YRFI market is 'Will there be a run in the 1st Inning?'.


Will There Be a Run in the 1st Inning? Yes/No

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NRFI Bets at Unibet

On Unibet, select any MLB game and scroll until you find 'Inning 1' bets within the 'All' tab. Alternatively, you can also click on the 'Inning 1' tab if you scroll sideways on the MLB game menu.

You'll find the NRFIs and YRFIs under the 'Total Runs - Inning 1' market.

UniBet NRFI Bets

Total Runs - Inning 1: Over/Under 0.5

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NRFI Bets at PointsBet

Similarly, on PointsBet, simply navigate to any MLB game and scroll to the '1st Inning' market under the 'Fixed Odds' Menu.

PointsBet NRFI Bets

Total 1st Inning

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NRFI Bets at WynnBet 

Wrapping up the list with WynnBet, who also offers NRFI bets. You can find them on any MLB game page under the 'Innings' tab. The market you are after is called '1st Innings Total Runs'.

WynnBet NRFI Bets

1st Inning Total Runs: Over/Under 0.5 Runs

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The bottom line is that betting on NRFIs can be like flipping a coin, but if you do your research, you can find teams that would make it an optimal bet.


What does NRFI mean in Betting?

NRFI (or 'ner-fee') stands for No Runs in the First Innings. NRFI bets are becoming increasingly popular in baseball. Thanks to the fast-paced action it gives bettors, it's no surprise fans are jumping on this trend. 

How Often Does NRFI Hit?

So far in the 2022 season, the chances of a team recording an NRFI is 52.3%, it's worth noting a month ago this was 51.32%, a sign of a long season! Remember, this is an average across all teams. The Phillies, for example, have recorded a higher percentage (56.46%) when compared to the Washington Nationals (48.17%). It's worth referring to the sheet above for team specifics. 


NRFI bets are becoming increasingly popular as they provide bettors with action from the get-go. Still, you should understand that betting on NRFIs is similar to a coin toss, so don't expect to win every NRFI bet.

However, our analysis shows that the Phillies, Orioles, and Giants are teams who have a good record of delivering on NRFI bets. 

What's your experience like with NRFI bets? If you're interested in more MLB betting picks, be sure to read our guide: How To Bet on Baseball, and visit our odds comparison tool to compare the sports odds and take advantage of the latest sportsbook sign up bonuses. latest odds.